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What does Beachsounds mean? We've tried to grow a sensible feeling for music, under the patters of House-Music. We've been inspired by the area where I've been born - The Mediterranean sea, Barcelona and "The Costa Brava". A mix of all kind of cultures that from the ancient times have established in this sea area and enjoyed from this beautiful weather and life style. The music that we propose through the concept "Beachsounds" is created through the objective to give these sensations of "sun, sea, climate, peace and our lifestyle". Beachsounds us more than a concept.. is our way to understand the Mediterraneo. Peace, harmony, long transitions.. all under the influence of many Dj's and styles, has made us to come to this concept of Beachsounds: Lounge, progressive, Phunk, Deep House, Tropical.. and we can't forget the Classics from 80's, 90's and the great 2000's!! this is my trip and this is how I want to share it. For many years of House music! jos'up